Thursday, October 24, 2013

College Life

*blows the dust off of the blog*
Well, hello all! It's been a while since I've actually had time to sit down and do a post. I had planned to do a post about depotting Bath and Body Works candles (or really, any candle, but these have the best jars), but of course, now that I want the candle to burn down a lot, it is burning so slowly! I still plan to do that post, I just have to wait until this candle gets to that point. In case anyone was wondering, the candle is "Apple Crumble." So good! I hit up BBW today to find the candle I wanted, Pumpkin Caramel Latte, but they were sold out, and only sell them online for now :(

Anyway, since I have made some college posts before, I thought I would give guys a little update on how that's going.

I won't lie, I'm a little over it.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Really late updates, woo!

Well, howdy, y'all! It's been a while. I say this every time I fall off the face of the blogging world, and I don't know why I do it. I know I've been gone, and I really do mean to post, but 10,000 other things seem to take precedence for some reason. But they're good things!

I don't plan on this being in order of importance, but rather whatever comes to mind first.

So, anyone out there have a Bath & Body Works candle that you love, but it gets down to that teeny little quarter-inch of wax left that you can no longer burn? Do you also have a wax warmer? Well then, you're in luck! I have a post coming up as soon as I burn through my next BBW candle on how to depot them so that you can use the jar for whatever you please AND still use the leftover wax for scent still. I depotted one, but forgot to take pictures, so... Better to do another one to with pictures. Unless you would like to see a video of me doing it? Comment down below and let me know what you guys are thinking!

On top of that, I recently started school. It hasn't been so bad, actually. I love my history professor. She seems pretty on par with my high school history teacher (who was the best history teacher, ever). My math professor is a lot like my high school math teacher in the way that he is really old, and he says "okay" after most things he says, just like my old math teacher did.
After my first Tuesday class, I went to talk to the professor running the school newspaper to try and join, and to make a long story short... In the matter of 30 minutes, he professed his love for me and made me the Lifestyle Editor for the paper! Good kickoff to school, don't ya think?! I'm pretty proud of that one.

Another great thing that happened, too, was that I landed a dog walking job. Oh my great golly gosh, these are some of the cutest puppies I've ever seen. Sweet, too. and the people I'm working for are so nice! My one boss reminds me of John Green, mixed with Hank a little (not a bad thing, in case you see this, Jack!) I have yet to meet his wife though. It's like she's the Yeti! And now I have officially lost everyone who isn't a nerdfighter.

Anyway, I think that's it for tonight. I'm pretty pooped and I have to be up at at 6:45 for class. I promise that my posts will be less few and far between. Perhaps the next post will be of the craft I made for me new bosses! Hope all is well you you tonight—

Friday, July 26, 2013

39 Days.

Thirty-nine days.

That's how many I have left until school starts.

I was actually really excited to go until yesterday afternoon when I was told I had to change my major to something different (Business Administration) and take a bunch of classes (Accounting and Business Law, to name a few) that I didn't want.

So, I guess I'll be sticking with Communications. I also found out that I can't do the 4 year school I want through the community college unless I switch my major to English, which I don't want to do. I was really upset all night last night and basically just cried a lot because I thought I wasn't going to get to do what I wanted to do. (Shout out to Bill for dealing with weepy, crying, wailing, me for the night! Love you, pumpkin! ;-* teehee, but srsly, thanks)

And perhaps Human Resources Management isn't for me.

Or maybe I'll get into HR with my Communications degree, who knows. Maybe I'll go into social media or something. I suppose the possibilities are endless.

All I can say is that I am restless to get this started and see if college is or isn't or me. Makes me think of this one Relient K song, "College Kids"

"someone please save us, us college kids!
what my parents told me is what i did
they said go to school and be a college kid
but in the end i question why i did
oh no! not for me, not for me
call it torture, call it university
no! arts and crafts is all i need
i'll take calligraphy and then i'll make a fake degree"

But what if it isn't for me, then what do I do? :/

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The End of Passionfruit

Today's post is mostly for other bloggers out there that read my posts, but feel free to read along if you desire.

Bloggers, what are we to do?

Starting September 1st, Passionfruit is no longer free (for swaps, or anything else, for that matter).

Are you going to pay the $9 monthly fee, or are you going to use a different method for ads? Is there even anything else out there? Has anyone thought about this? Or do we go back to the archaic means of constantly adding and removing code from our pages? I honestly don't have the time for that anymore, and that's why I loved Passionfruit. These ads have brought great traffic to my blog, and I'm sure others' ads on my site have brought them traffic.

There are tons of lovely ladies and gents in the blogosphere, and I would hate for people to stop being discovered because Passionfruit wants to start charging.

Yes, the new features are nice, but for me, it's just not worth it.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tumbleweeds Everywhere

Wow, there sure are a lot of tumbleweeds all over this blog... I have barely been here at all since my birthday. I promise you this wasn't intentional. This post has been coming for a while, so here goes.

See, when I started this little baby of a blog, I had little to do all day. I would sit at home and do nothing, save from cleaning a room here and there, and the prep and cook of dinner. I needed something else to fill my time, but books and spending lots of mind-numbing hours on the internet weren't doing anything for me anymore.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Six Months {Strong}

Bill and I have been together for six months now! Whoa, how time flies. So, for the anniversary, I made him this painting with a quote!

To start out, I wrote the words out on my canvas. I tried to use glitter glue to crest a raised effect, but that didn't work so well. 
Next, I tried tacky glue. I painted each individual stroke of every letter three times (letting each coat dry I between). 
Next, I painted over it with a white base so everything would be the same colour. 
I started to paint with the colour I mixed, which I thought was lighter than it was, but it wasn't. So I ended up painting to whole canvas that colour. 
The edges of the canvas are also painted this dark brown. 
After that, I painted over it with a slightly lighter brown. The effect is kind of cool, the darker brown showing through. I think it makes the background look rustic. 
I then went over the letters, painting each stroke again, but now with the original brown colour. 
And here's the finished product! I made it a month before our anniversary because I got so excited to make it that I couldn't wait to do it!
Bill loved it and is now looking for a place to hang it!

Friday, May 10, 2013

*tap, tap, tap* Is This Thing On?

Well, it looks like I completely forgot about the tail-end of BEDA. After all my guest posts went live, I didn't even post once.

To be fair, I have been quite a bit busy. I got a job! I start work on Saturday, and I'm also looking for a second job.

I've also been sick a lot. But I'll be okay!

I got my first car!

Uhh, I was busy with my birthday! The Saturday before my birthday, Bill got all my closest friends together to help surprise me for my special day.

And then on my actual birthday, Bill and I went to DC. Prepare for the slew of pictures to follow!

Starting off the day with Wawa breakfast!

Delaware Memorial Bridge

Where I'm from

Ugh, traffic



That little tiny sign says "Welcome to Washington, D.C."

Constitution Hall

Dwight D. Eisenhower Building

Brunch of champions

Washington Monument from afar (it was closed)

WWII Memorial

"Here we mark the price of freedom"


Vietnam Wall

Vietnam Wall

Marine Corps forevaaaa

Lincoln Memorial

Husband and wife duckies <3

National Mall

Lincoln Memorial prototype

New hat!

Heading home :(

And that's all I've got for you today! I'll be back soon...but now off to run some errands! Beepbeep!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Five Minute Makeup! {A Guest Post}

Heather is away today so I thought I'd stop on by + say hello to her readers. I'm Sabrina + I blog over at cattails + cardigans. My blog is a place where I share stories about my life, my faith, things that inspire me + my cat, Gregory. Today I wanted to share with you all my day-to-day makeup routine. It's such a simple and easy way to make my eyes pop and you can change up the colors.

Lets Get Started:

For my face makeup- I start out with Sephora's Face Primer. (this is a sample- any primer will do) I apply it all over my face + places I will be applying my foundation. I then apply Hard Candy's Eye'm Tired, which is supposed to help with under eye circles. Then I apply my Age Rewind concealer under my eyes, around my nose + on any problem areas that I may have. Finally, I use E.L.F's Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain.

For my eyes- I have hazel/green eyes + I have been using lots of golds lately to make them pop. I am going to be using Sephora's Moonshadow Baked Palette in the color "In The Dark". I love this palette + I use it a lot. The colors are wonderful + show up great. Just to make sure my shadow stays on all day, I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion on my lids before I start applying eyeshadow.

Starting off, I use my regular eye shadow brush to apply a white shadow to the inside of my eyes. (1) After that I apply a goldeny- peach color to my full eyelid. (2) I take my Eye Crease Brush by E.L.F + add a dark brown to the crease in my eye. (3) Since the colors are so harsh, I go over them all with my Blending Eye Brush also by E.L.F.

 (before blending it out)


To finish off the look, I add my new favorite mascara, Two Faced's Lashgasm Mascara. It makes my lashes look so amazing + I seriously am IN LOVE with this mascara.. and there we go. A simple, yet beautiful eye shadow routine that typically takes me about 5 minutes.

For fun you can add blush of any kind + some fun lipstick. I've been dying over NYX's lipstick lately + I can't wait to get my hands on some. They have such amazing colors + they're cruelty free.

Thanks for reading + thanks for having me Heather. I hope you all enjoyed this makeup look. Take a peep on over at my blog + come say hi!